With WhatsApp Status, you may post pictures and videos with other users of the messaging app that has infiltrated India’s social media landscape. A few years ago, WhatsApp was just a messaging program where you could speak with people, but it now offers a function called WhatsApp Status. The uploaded content on Snapchat and Instagram Stories is deleted after 24 hours, which is quite comparable to this.

It’s incredibly simple to create a WhatsApp Status, and you can view someone else’s status by heading to the Status page on WhatsApp. What if, though, you wish to keep your WhatsApp status? You’ll be happy to know that if you have an Android smartphone, you can do Whatsapp Status Video Download  by following the straightforward instructions given below.

Would you like to keep the entertaining video status that your WhatsApp contact just shared on your device? You may have noticed that WhatsApp only allows you to view your contacts’ statuses; you cannot download them. Are you prepared to be caught off guard given that these states will only be accessible for 24 hours? In this short tutorial, we will demonstrate how to download WhatsApp status directly to a smartphone or tablet.

It is a helpful thing to know because we frequently discover numerous humorous WhatsApp Status movies that we have saved using this technique. However, we strongly advise you to get their consent first if you wish to save someone else’s WhatsApp status.

How to store a WhatsApp Status video

Your Android smartphone must have a file manager to complete the process. Any file manager will work, however, the procedures may change. For this article, we utilized the Google Files Tool, a free file manager app for Android, to keep things straightforward. Google’s Pixel smartphones already have it installed, and you can quickly download and set it up using Google Play.

To save a WhatsApp Status video to your Android phone, follow these steps:

  • On your Android smartphone, launch the Google Files app. Click the hamburger menu symbol in the top-left corner, then select Settings.
  • Similar to this, if you’re using a Pixel smartphone, open the Files app, and select Settings by clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Enable Show hidden files on the following screen. You must turn on Show internal storage for Pixel smartphones.
  • Back in the Files app, select Internal storage from the main menu.
  • Now navigate to WhatsApp > Media > “.Statuses”
  • Long-press a picture or a video and select Copy to save it. Paste the file now into any internal storage folder on the phone of your choosing.

The stored Best Status Video is located in the status of our “My Files” section. Choose the video, then press the Share button on the 3-dot menu. Choose “WhatsApp” from all the available alternatives to share it instantly with your WhatsApp pals.

Whatsapp status videos are available where?

On the status of our app, you may find a wide variety of videos, including hilarious, sappy, romantic, and mode-off ones. To present you with the appropriate videos, status our will gather videos from many video-streaming websites.

You can preserve any Whatsapp Status Video that has been designated as a contact’s WhatsApp Status by following these instructions. Even if the status you opened on WhatsApp was posted more than 24 hours ago, you can still save it using this technique.

Please let someone know if you plan to save or share their WhatsApp Status photographs or videos, and we’ll remind you once more.



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