When most people think of cleanliness and hygiene, they immediately picture a hotel room or some other kind of professional establishment. Little do they know that the cleanliness and hygiene of the people who live in the Muslim world are vastly different from those who live in the West. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, it is not uncommon to see people take a bath every morning and evening, and rarely will you find dirt on the carpet or under the sink. In fact, it is extremely unusual to find any kind of dirt or grime on the floors. Most individuals living in the United States don’t have this luxury and often spend their time trying to figure out how to make their bathroom look clean when they wake up in the morning and how to spot clean their dishes after they’ve been used.

The practice of cleanliness and hygiene in the Muslim world is not limited to Muslims, however. It is also fairly common for Hindus and Buddhists to keep their homes clean, even though they may worship differently. This is not because the religions forbid cleanliness, but because of the culture they are part of. In many of these countries, it is considered improper for a family member to enter the house until after prayers are complete. This means that those who do decide to enter are carefully washed and drenched with water before they are permitted to enter.

Another important aspect of Saudi culture is modesty. Women are required to be covered by long dresses and are expected to stay home during prayer times. While some areas do not follow this policy, the general principle is that a woman should not step out on her own in the presence of a man. This strict adherence to the Islamic faith has made the kingdom one of the most conservative places to live for those who adhere to it.

Another aspect of the culture in Saudi Arabia that many do not realize is that they are quite expensive to live in the area. Unlike many other areas of the world, those who reside here must be able to pay exorbitant prices for housing, water and food. Expenses are so high that the average citizen of the country does not have enough money to meet his needs and that of his family. Many expats explain how they were forced to leave their home country due to financial reasons, only to make the difficult trek across the Atlantic Ocean to the more hospitable Saudi Arabia.

When living in a country like Saudi Arabia, it is expected that you be able to provide for yourself and your family. This means that you are expected to be able to clean your own home. For some residents, it can be a very daunting task. The cost of living in the area is so high that the potential income is simply not there. However, with a bit of hard work and dedication, a new resident of the country can make a comfortable living while cleaning.

As with any job, those who decide to clean in Saudi Arabia will need to be prepared for the work ahead. While Saudi Arabia is home to some of the most educated and progressive populations in the world, there is still an underlying conservative mindset that requires conformity and respect. You must be willing to dress according to the strict rules of the country or risk losing your job.

Once you begin your job as a domestic cleaner, you will find that your income is only enough to cover your expenses and that a bit of saving up is necessary. The savings will help you be able to purchase items for your new home such as basic furniture. You will also be responsible for finding affordable health care for yourself and your family if you become ill or injured. This may require that you travel to the local clinic to see if you are able to treat your ailments without receiving a large bill from the insurance. There are many affordable health care plans available to residents of Saudi Arabia though some people choose to forgo these in order to be able to afford proper health care coverage for themselves.

If you have the opportunity to relocate to the country, the same precautions must be observed as if you were to move to any other part of the world. Local residents will expect you to be punctual and if they are not happy with your performance, they will not hesitate to fire you on the spot. Be sure to provide your employer with a list of your past job duties so they can make their decision regarding your future position accordingly. You will also want to inform your new employer of your home in Saudi Arabia so they know where to send you for your annual maintenance.



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