Within the dark and brutal world of Kentaro Miura’s “Berserk,” there exists a pivotal and harrowing narrative event that stands as one of the most iconic and haunting moments in the history of manga – the Eclipse. This cataclysmic event marks a profound turning point in the series and serves as the catalyst for Guts’ relentless descent into darkness. In this article, we will delve into the Eclipse Chronicles, exploring the nightmarish ritual, its consequences, and the profound impact it has on Guts and the overarching narrative of “Berserk.”

The Eclipse: A Nightmarish Ritual

The Eclipse is a grotesque and horrifying ritual orchestrated by the God Hand, a group of transcendental beings that govern the destiny of humanity in the world of “Berserk.” This event serves as a gruesome intersection of supernatural and human suffering, where the boundaries between the two are blurred with devastating consequences.

The Eclipse is a horrific gathering in which members of the Band of the Hawk, including Guts and Casca, are subjected to nightmarish fates. During this ritual, they are marked as sacrifices in exchange for the God Hand’s power. The imagery and symbolism of the Eclipse are deeply unsettling, with monstrous beings known as Apostles emerging from the depths of despair and despairing humans.

The nightmarish tableau that unfolds during the Eclipse defies description, as the Apostles commit heinous acts of violence and brutality upon the helpless sacrifices. The event is marked by an overwhelming sense of despair and hopelessness, as the characters are thrust into a relentless nightmare from which there is no escape.

Consequences of the Eclipse

The Eclipse leaves an indelible mark on the characters and the world of “Berserk.” Its consequences are far-reaching, shaping the trajectory of the narrative and the development of key characters.

  1. Griffith’s Transformation: Perhaps the most shocking consequence of the Eclipse is the transformation of Griffith, the charismatic leader of the Band of the Hawk, into Femto, a member of the God Hand. Griffith’s descent into darkness is complete, and he becomes an enigmatic and malevolent figure who stands in stark contrast to his former self. His transformation is a pivotal moment that blurs the line between hero and villain and sets the stage for the complex and morally ambiguous dynamic between him and Guts.
  2. Guts’ Relentless Quest for Vengeance: The Eclipse serves as a catalyst for Guts’ unrelenting quest for vengeance against Griffith and the God Hand. His anguish, trauma, and burning desire for retribution become the driving force behind his character, propelling him into a world of violence, despair, and unwavering ambition. Guts’ journey following the Eclipse is marked by his relentless pursuit of his former comrade turned antagonist.
  3. Casca’s Trauma: Casca, a central character and love interest of Guts, suffers unspeakable horrors during the Eclipse. Her mind is shattered by the traumatic experiences she endures, leaving her in a state of vulnerability and dependence. Her condition becomes a focal point of the narrative, as Guts takes on the responsibility of caring for her and navigating the complexities of her mental anguish.
  4. The Birth of Apostles: The Eclipse also marks the birth of several Apostles, grotesque and monstrous beings who serve the God Hand. These Apostles play significant roles in the series, becoming formidable foes for Guts and his party. The Eclipse introduces a new dimension of supernatural threat to the world of “Berserk,” further complicating the challenges faced by the characters.

Guts’ Descent into Darkness

The Eclipse Chronicles also signify Guts’ descent into darkness, a central theme that permeates the series. Prior to the Eclipse, Guts is a lone warrior driven by survival instincts and a desire for vengeance against Griffith. However, the events of the Eclipse deepen his trauma and propel him into a relentless pursuit of revenge that transforms him into the “Black Swordsman.”

Guts’ transformation into the Black Swordsman is marked by a profound change in his character. He becomes a solitary and brooding figure, consumed by his desire for vengeance and driven to confront the Apostles and the God Hand. His journey is fraught with violence, suffering, and moral ambiguity, as he grapples with the consequences of his relentless pursuit.

The Eclipse serves as a catalyst for Guts’ inner turmoil, as he battles with his own inner demons and the dark forces that threaten to consume him. His descent into darkness is a central narrative arc within “Berserk,” and it explores themes of trauma, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of one’s goals.

The Trauma of the Eclipse

The trauma inflicted upon the characters during the Eclipse is a central theme in “Berserk.” The nightmarish events leave emotional and psychological scars that shape the characters’ actions and motivations throughout the series.

Casca’s trauma is perhaps the most palpable, as she is left mentally shattered and unable to care for herself. Her vulnerability and dependence on Guts highlight the emotional toll of the Eclipse and the challenges faced by survivors of traumatic events.

Guts, too, carries the burden of trauma from the Eclipse. His relentless pursuit of vengeance is fueled by the horrors he witnessed and the betrayal of Griffith. His traumatic experiences lead to a deep-seated anger and a desire for retribution that define his character.


The Eclipse Chronicles in “Berserk” represent a pivotal and harrowing narrative arc that leaves an indelible mark on the series and its characters. This nightmarish ritual, orchestrated by the God Hand, reshapes the destinies of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the world they inhabit.

The consequences of the Eclipse, from Griffith’s transformation to Guts’ descent into darkness, serve as driving forces behind the narrative’s complexity and moral ambiguity. The trauma inflicted upon the characters highlights the series’ exploration of human suffering, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of one’s goals.

As readers journey through the Eclipse Chronicles, they are confronted with the darkness and brutality of the “Berserk” world, a place where the boundaries between human and supernatural horrors are blurred, and where the consequences of one’s choices and sacrifices are explored in depth. The Eclipse Chronicles stand as a testament to Kentaro Miura’s storytelling prowess and the enduring impact of “Berserk” within the world of manga and beyond.



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