Denmark is a beautiful country that’s worth visiting from a tourist perspective. The country is famous for its innovation and design, as well as its easy-going way of life. When a Danish family built a stylish home on Zealand island, they installed laminate floors in the living room and on the stairs. To keep their house looking as fresh and clean as possible, they hired a professional stair cleaning service.

Service offered by cleaners in Copenhagen

When you hire a cleaning company to come to your home in Copenhagen and Zealand, it is important to keep some things in mind. For instance, most cleaning companies will provide the basic residential cleaning – wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, and mopping. Some may also provide additional services, such as window washing and appliance cleaning. Most will require a home key or a spare garage key, but others may require your home key in addition.

After the pandemic, companies will probably need less office space. However, homeworking is likely to continue and companies are going to face financial pressure to invest in cleaners. One of the biggest private employers in Denmark, the ISS, has seen a spike in demand for disinfection and deep cleaning services. Cleaning company founder Jacob Aarup-Andersen expects that this trend will continue after the pandemic, but he does not believe the cleaning service will disappear completely.

Cost of service

While Denmark is a tourist destination, there is a great deal more to this island nation than the stunning Danish architecture. From design and innovation to the uncomplicated way of life, this island is worth visiting. One Danish family who recently moved to Zealand built a beautiful home with HARO laminate floors. They also used HARO stair cleaners to keep their stairs clean and looking their best.

Your wants and wishes will be satisfied thanks to the good and close communication. With a cleaning agreement with us, you gain direct access to our management so you can create a cleaning schedule that perfectly meets your needs.

Location of service

A professional Trappevask cleaning service is an essential element of a home or office. In Denmark, the two largest islands are Zealand and Jutland. The Danish capital of Copenhagen is located on the former, while the latter extends across the island of Amager. Both cities are part of the Capital Region. However, a large portion of Zealand is also part of the Zealand Region, named after the Dutch province of Zeeland.

Jacobsens-Rengring provides mover cleaning in addition to cleaning by artisans, and we frequently have the chance to assist with a variety of cleaning chores quickly. We prioritize our clients’ requirements and wishes at all times, placing their needs at the top of the priority list.

We take great satisfaction in going above and above what is required of us, and we aspire to be the greatest service provider in Denmark. Customer relationships are highly valued by us, and it shows in our outcomes. Our extensive expertise has taught us that no two people require the same preparation for a nice and comprehensive cleaning. Therefore, a successful outcome depends on the intimate client relationships we provide.


It is evident that we are skilled at what we do. We are flexible with our schedules and agree with you on the method and timing of the job since we understand that cleaning tasks are frequently unrealistic and that you want the work to be completed quickly. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff members provide all of our services correctly and completely, and we place a high priority on finishing the job on time each and every time. Therefore, we promise that deadlines will be met.



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