Their skills include integrating design with manufacturing, keeping costs low and improving product quality. They also work to meet industry standards and regulations, improve user experience, ensure worker safety, and introduce sustainable production methods and materials. The best agencies extend their services into the post-manufacturing stage, assisting clients with finding reliable manufacturers and helping them launch their products faster.

1. Garmin

Garmin is a renowned leader in the aviation, marine, automotive, outdoor and fitness markets. It is headquartered in Olathe, Kansas. Its products range from GPS-enabled handhelds for car navigation to navigation devices for boats and planes. It also makes wearables for running, swimming, cycling, golf, and scuba diving. The best industrial design services product design companies know what it takes to get products out of the factory and into the hands of consumers.

At Garmin, engineers, designers and business specialists work together to create superior quality products for its customers. The company is headquartered in Olathe, Kansas and employs more than 2,300 people. Its industrial design team creates awe-inspiring designs for bicycle computers, outdoor handhelds, dash cams, marine radars and more. It also has a dedicated prototype development shop.

2. Aruliden

Aruliden is a global design agency that creates purpose-driven products and brands from ideation through launch. Its award-winning work has been recognized by Google, Bulgari, Marc Jacobs and Compass. Industrial design firms can help you bring your idea to life through a variety of methods, from hand-drawn sketches and drawings to CAD models. They also take into account production costs, materials, ergonomics, safety considerations and user experience.

As you choose an industrial design services product design company, make sure they offer extra services like quality control and shipping. This will save you time and allow you to move from idea to market faster. Some agencies also maintain close relationships with reputable manufacturers and can help you find the right one for your project.

3. Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle design is the act of designing a lifestyle that reflects your core values, beliefs and preferences. It also entails making the right decisions about your career, home and other aspects of life that you feel are most important to you. Lifestyle design is a multi-disciplinary design agency located in Santa Barbara, CA, that offers a broad range of services, including brand and product development. They are also experts in the latest and greatest in consumer technology and marketing.

They also a reputable company with an impressive client list. They hire the best of the best in industrial design, digital media, branding and print, to name a few. They also boast a number of notable awards, including the granddaddy of all award winners, the coveted Design Excellence Award. They are an excellent choice for your next big idea.

4. Whipsaw

Located in San Francisco and San Jose, California, Whipsaw creates highly successful, award-winning products and experiences for consumer electronics, housewares, medical, computing, robotics, scientific and industrial product categories. For 20 years, Whipsaw has partnered with clients to help define strategy and deliver physical and digital products at scale.

Founded by design visionary Dan Harden, Whipsaw is a highly acclaimed strategy, industrial design, and digital design consulting firm. It has created successful products and immersive experiences in diverse industries for clients including Google, Brita, Cisco, Dell, Ford, GE, Meta, Tile, Intel, Merck, Nike, Olympus, Samsung, Sony, Uber, and Tonal. Recently, Whipsaw received five new awards from the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), a leading international design competition. The IDSA recognizes designs that exhibit innovation, aesthetics, client or user accessibility and societal benefits.

5. Karten Design

Founded in Los Angeles, California, Karten Design is an award-winning innovation and product design companies to hire firm specializing in medical devices. It combines its core principles – Research Driven, Paradigm Shifting and Company Building – to deliver extraordinary experiences between people and products. A team of creative experts at Karten Design helps consumer and medical device companies seize new opportunities, build their brands and generate revenue by designing beautiful, easy-to-use products that resonate with end users. Their services are backed by strategic market understanding and deep user empathy.

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They recently repositioned themselves to bring leadership and innovation to global product manufacturers through a new communication strategy that aligns all of their disciplines around a central purpose. The result is a unified identity that unites the company’s design strategy, design research, and product design under the same umbrella.

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